Potter urges Singh to use World Cup brakes to revive drunkenness

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Chelsea head coach Graeme Potter is pleased that the 2022 FIFA World Cup program has been inserted in the right place at the right time because their current status is a bout of eight in the same round twice. If they are recorded again, they must lose. TKO is out of the chair.

 Potter has just lost 0-2 to Manchester City in the third round of the Carabao Cup and has been a succession of two defeats in all competitions .  

While the English Premier League has not won anyone in 4 consecutive matches ( 2 draws , 2 losses ) from hoping to win the championship. Doing it and doing it just to compete for the top four is still exhausting. Became a pressure on the 47 – year -old coach  

That’s why after Matchday #14 Chelsea will have a long break until the end of the Christmas season , Potter looks to be a good idea to review himself and the team in many dimensions. However, they must survive without losing from St James ‘ Park first.  

“ I’m the same person. Just came from the control of Brighton, where everything managed to fit in after three years , “ the good coach opened his mouth.  

“ Everything here is like a quick laundry. from one game to the next. ” 

“ You have to deal with everything that pops up , a lot of games to play. Then we need time to review what happened. If  you have some time ufabet.

“ That would take a break for the FIFA World Cup – it would have been silly for me to not rely on this rhythm to rejuvenate , refresh my brain , reflect on the past games and improve my performance. ” 

Chelsea return to play again 27 Dec. Found Bournemouth to follow whether at that time, head coach Youngskul Potter or not .