Pep has lauded Arteta and Arsenal after their superb start to the season

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Mikel Arteta, head coach of Arsenal, although his years as a coach are few. But it’s not enough to be fooled by the psychological warfare from Josep Guardiola, manager of the Manchester City team. Who likes to say that it’s cool to win the 2022-23 league title, asking to look better every day.

Situation on this schedule has been through 13 matches evenly. With Arsenal having 34 points two more than City , with the reigning champions only scoring – conceding seven .

That made the atmosphere at Camp London Colney start to think about winning the league again since 2004 , especially a tight one. Oleksandr Zinchenko even asked to adjust the attitude of his teammates to stop being inconsiderate and take the top 4 ufabet.

Which when Sop channel , Pep fires the right ‘ Cannons ‘ is the team to win the league title this season. Plus, the overall picture that has passed for more than three months is even more amazing than the ‘ Blue Sailing Boat ‘ .

However, the 39 – year-old boss wants his subordinates to concentrate on the game on the field rather than the war of saliva in front of the media. Thus reiterating the original position Let’s get better, day – to – day , as for the results at the end of the season, let’s talk about how it comes out.  

“ It would be cool if we could stay top through Christmas. But the focus of the team is to play better every day .  

“ If we can do that. The chances of winning the game increase, which is what it cares about. ” 

“ The goal I want to achieve is to play better day by day and make more and more progress. ”

“ The level of consistency in performance has also improved. If I can dedicate myself to wielding a better form day after day. ” 

” As for the opinions from the managers of other teams. I’m not here to tell you what I think about the matter. ” 

“ What I want to achieve is to finish top of the table as high as possible. Play to the best of your ability. ”  

Arteta has to prove his longevity as he stay in the top four last season until the tires came apart at the end of the curve. Until I missed the CHPL ticket .