10 Baccarat Formula, Baccarat Techniques with how to play baccarat online

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Baccarat formula, the most popular card game in Asia. Considered to be the oldest casino game that has it all. which is really a casino Or is it an online casino? They are popular with this game. But in today’s era where the Internet plays a huge role in life. Most of the players moved to play online widely. because it is convenient to play anywhere and deposit and withdraw money online 24 hours a day

We have techniques for playing baccarat that really work. Baccarat formula is easy to understand. What gamblers are looking for in order to win easily Then you will be able to make money with peace of mind. Baccarat game techniques and how to Baccarat formula โปรโมชั่น ufabet.

1. Dragon, Baccarat formula

  • This formula is not difficult, you just wait. Waiting is the key to every form of betting. Baccarat is the same. You have to wait when the cards come out in a row, such as the other side of the dealer three times in a row, often if the card is drawn three times in a row and the player comes out once. and then moved out of the dealer three more times if next time out at the player And then moving to the dealer again, we can stab the dealer, confused, right? Haha. Let’s explain easily. P = Player B = Banker. If issued as follows: P BBB P BBB PB in the next turn, you can stab the dealer. Or if issued like this, BBBB PP BBB PPP B in the next turn can stab the dealer as well. because the dealer will repeat more than 1 turn

2. Ping Pong, Baccarat formula

  • Ping-Pong formula, in which this pattern will happen very easily, don’t wait long, the pattern of ping-pong will be like this PBPBPB if the six eyes come out in this pattern. That is, taking turns. In the 7th turn, you can put the opposite side. The important thing is to wait for the moment. When did you switch out with six eyes? Prepare your money well and press it down.

3. Compound

  • This formula is very popular because it is not a complicated formula. Young children can also use this formula. But that doesn’t mean the formula is bad. The formula was used until the old Saint level ever. when we fall We can’t think of anything But we want the capital back. There’s only one way. How much is lost, just stab it. But how to use a lot of capital If you lose 7 in a row, you have to spend tens of thousands of capital. And most casino tables have a betting limit of 2,500 baht, which makes it very difficult to use this formula. So if you’re thinking of using this formula to conquer the game. You have to sign up with a large website that doesn’t go through an agent. Because there will be a limit to bet in millions. You can keep your capital until you’re satisfied. Just have a thick capital guarantee that this form of betting is definitely not broken. And the best way to use this formula is to double the results. You should use this formula along with the Dragon or Ping-Pong formula as well, I assure you that if you lose it will be the most unlucky day of your life.

4. Wait for 30 cards to open.

  • best baccarat bets That’s the waiting time as I’ve said before. No matter which formula you use all you have to do is wait But if you don’t want to wait You can go to the table that has already been played. by which table you should play the most There should be more than 30 cards drawn because the cards will start to be easier to read. Rarely devises anything that is difficult to do. And if any table that has already opened more than 30 open and you use the above two formulas in parallel with the bet Guarantee that you will be able to read the cards more easily. and can predict correctly the prize money for sure Guarantee that your baccarat bet will have only money and rich.

5. One eye 5 times

  • This last recipe is a very easy one. Because if the player is out 5 consecutive eyes, you would think that next, it must be out of the dealer for sure, there is no way out of the player again. The chances of leaving players are very low. But the table intended to deceive us. Because most people will think like this and then stab at the dealer. But trust me, it will definitely leave the same players. because the people who are bullish They’ve been stubborn for quite a while now. Anyone who sees that the cards are drawn at either side 5 eyes, you can continue to predict that it will definitely come out next to each other again. And if it is repeated in the 6th turn, you can guess in the seventh turn again. If reissued again, you can continue to guess. By personal experience. I’ve come across the most in a row, up to 16 eyes.

6. Always stab the same side

  • Baccarat sa gaming usually has a long dragon. Therefore, stabbing the same side all the time So there is always a chance to win a very high bet. which if in which round the winner changes sides The next round will continue to stab the same side. by using the compounding method In order to get back the money that was lost in the previous checkpoint However, it is not that this formula will always work. If it is found that the wrong bet is placed up to 3 times in a row, it must be considered whether it is good to change to stab the other side or not. because the game may be turning the other side into a dragon.

7. Ladder Roll Formation

  • It is another formula that sa gaming casinos like to use because it will get the lost money back worthwhile. or get the principal back By this formula, pre-determined how many rounds of total compounding. to save yourself Don’t let it roll over until you forget yourself and pour it out of your lap. for example The number of rollovers is set for 3 rounds. If the first round loses, the second round is rolled up again. If losing again, the third round will be rolled over, but if this round loses Then stop compounding and go back to starting at the starting amount again.

8. Alternate side thrust

  • This cheat will only work if the game doesn’t have long dragons. where the banker side and the player side always take turns winning. This sa gaming formula allows you to bet on the side with the winning side, such as the first round, the banker side wins. The second round is to stab the player’s side. if the player wins The next round is to bet on the banker’s side. Keep alternating like this. Guarantee that you will definitely make a profit from betting satisfactorily.

9. A bet that changes sides accordingly

  • It is a formula for playing baccarat sa gaming that is very suitable for the period of having a long dragon. Same as Formula 1 that we have introduced. By this formula, you can bet on a different side accordingly. is if the banker side wins then bet on the banker’s side in the next round but if the player side wins then bet on the player’s side in the next round However, it must be noticed a bit. Because if it’s not a long dragon period, but a period that alternates winners back and forth This formula will not work there.

10. Be mindful, set a budget and know enough

  • play mindfully You should always keep in mind that Must play only consciously. If you find that the game is not good No matter how many times you bet, you lose. And also wasted a lot of money already. This should stop playing immediately. And then come to play again the next day will be better
  • Set a daily budget daily budgeting It is important that it cannot be overlooked. This will help prevent you from using too much of your bet. which by the nature of our people When losing, there is more and more desire to get it back. And this is where you start making your bets mindlessly. and ended up losing it to the end So let’s set it. 
  • insatiable insufficiency Often makes people unconsciously exhausted. Many people, when they win a bet, are always happy and want to keep winning. therefore placing higher stakes and does not stop even if he has already made a lot of profits In the end, he was willing to pour his lap in hopes of high profits. But it turned out to be a game-changer. Losing until exhaustion Therefore, if you do not want the profit gained to disappear with your capital You have to play well enough.

If you don’t want to be a foolish player want to win the game You must know everything in detail. In every play, the gambler should assess himself in playing. By adhering to the principles of disciplined gambling and playing without borrowing for investment As you can see, as an example, if you gamble too much by taking a loan to invest, it often causes pressure to play which makes your heart unhappy and results in a lack of concentration as well.